Hobse simplifies & eases corporate accommodation experience with an easy to use, Self Service Tool that helps optimize cost, Improves process efficiency by policy compliance and eliminates manual reimbursements.
Be smart with Hobse.

Manage and simplify your end-to-end hospitality needs.

Smart Booking

Smart RFP

Policy Enforced

Contracting Hotels

Hobse combines Design, Thinking and Technology to Book Direct

The truth: Booking accommodation for a corporate traveler can be a headache especially if you do not have right tools and systems in place.

Hobse Leverages technology to simplify corporate accommodation by providing a single platform to access, control and manage all hospitality needs through a network of hotels, thereby simplifying complex accommodation sourcing and ensuring extraordinary savings.

The Hobse platform is a configurable rules engine that provides insights into hotels spends, policy compliance and audits.

In short, the Hobse platform helps you manage your hospitality needs with a high degree of control making the booking process smarter.

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What we offer

A Private, Personalized and Automated tool to provide exclusive rate advantage for all hospitality needs with no middlemen in between.

  • Hobse helps you in identifying the right hotel as per your need.
  • Simplified and effective RFP process ensuring multiple responses resulting in effective decision making regarding choice of Hotels.
  • Private Virtual Negotiator to negotiate price and add exclusive specifications to your booking without leaving your desk.
  • Hotels as your travel planning partner in planning, budgeting and executing every meetings & get-together.

  • Ensure employee fatigue by identifying pre approved, pre budgeted, location wise hotels.
  • Eliminate the problem of employee reimbursement & claims altogether by traveling on a fixed price every time. Get the billing direct to company and enable easier auditing
  • Save cost and Time - No middlemen, no commissions, no multiple searches. One platform - Hobse
  • Increase collective buying power by adding corporate travel and personal travel under one booking umbrella to increase your buying power.


Value Proposition
  • Smart RFP
    No more technology barrier to reach and choose the right hotels.
  • Multiple quotes for RFP
    For all your requirements from rooms to meeting to events; RFP will ensure multiple quotes for you to choose and decide.
  • Private Pricing
    Hotels will offer exclusive rates applicable only to you.
  • Consolidated Billing & Payment
    Centralized and Consolidated Bills against all accommodation incurred during a period can be paid directly as per Terms and Conditions agreed between you and the hotel's.


Value Proposition
  • Smart Booking
    Real time connectivity, pricing and closing.
  • Hotel Network
    Discover new Hotels matching your need and budget at any location.
  • Contract Management
    Manage all your contracts digitally eliminating service interruption.
  • Direct Confirmation
    Confirmation directly from the Hotel's. Hassle free.


Value Proposition
  • Automated Compliance
    Dedicated platform incorporated with company approval & policy competence.
  • Mandated Platform
    All company policy with respect to accommodation and approval methodology interlaced on the platform.
  • Paperless Reimbursement
    Avoid maintaining multiple documents for reimbursement claims and curtail verification rime with preapproved hotels for marketing travels.
  • FREE from Policy Audit
    Each and every booking is complied with policy from planning to payment.
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