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I love to travel
But, I hate to arrive.
Albert Einstein German-born scientist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921

Manage and simplify your end-to-end hospitality needs and make your stay pleasant.

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Ensure your guests arrive happily by capitalizing on every opportunity.

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Deal Direct

We pave a way to connect the Hotels and Companies directly

The advantage of direct hotel booking while on business travel is well-known to all companies. But the hassles of negotiation with individual hotels and technology challenges is time-consuming. This makes the company look at third party agencies like an OTA for booking and reimbursing the employee.

' Welcome to Hobse '

Hobse provides companies with a private, personalized and automated tool to connect directly to Hobse for Rooms/ F&B and Banquets. With booking and billing becoming direct, hassles like reimbursements are eliminated. You do not have to compromise while booking accommodation for travel.

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