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Hotel industry has Ransomware for decades

The Dictionary defines RANSOMWARE as “a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money or a Ransom is paid”. Having said that can you guess the connection between a Ransomware and a Hotel?

Ransomware has been prevalent in Hotel industry for decades now in the form of “Commissions”. On an average, commission payments which can be linked to a Ransom are the second largest expense for a Hotel, behind labour costs.

  • The decline in revenues to Hotels the single biggest factor was Commissions paid to Online Travel Agents or any other form of Commissions.
  • To ensure that the Brand was visible over that of the Online Agents , Hotels spent a lot of money to SEO companies to be in the front in Google, Facebook, Twitter and other such social media. The irony was that the expenses incurred in such social media advertisement did not translate to revenues.
  • Fake reviews either boosted the image of a Hotel or dragged it down to Pits. The Hotel was held to “Ransom” by the Online Agents

If travellers could gain a comfort level and an understanding of how to book air travel on their own, then they certainly can achieve that same skill for the process of reserving a hotel room.  

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